The 2018 Cork Scrabble tournament, run by Finbarr Long, took place on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March in the Ambassador Hotel, Cork.

The format was Open, with 13 games played over two days. We had 26 players - including a few new faces, which is always great to see.


The overall winner was Feargal Weatherhead, with a fantastic 100% clean sheet - Feargal won all 13 of his games, and ended up with a very high spread of 1,552.

In second place was Lukeman Owolabi, with 10 wins and a spread of 1,073.

In third place was Chris Broderick, with 9 wins and a spread of 568.

In the group prizes, the winner of the B group was John Cunningham-Ryan with 8 wins and a spread of -257, and the winner of the C group was Una Meehan with 7 wins and a spread of -192.

Theresa Scallan won the high word prize, with a score of 167 for CONCAVES.