Playing at home or on the internet is all well and good, but nothing can beat sitting down in a competitive tournament setting, face to face with other enthusiasts, and seeing if you have what it takes!

People are playing in increasing numbers in clubs, one-day events and two-day events held regularly in various parts of the country. Competitive scrabble is just that. Competitive! Yes you can beat your mother, sister and your clever pals ... but see how good you really are and stretch your limits!


Where ?

Look at the club section, scan the internet  - there's somewhere near you!

Dublin, Cork, Wexford, Belfast ... OR ... set up your own club and affiliate to AISA! Help is available!


Everything you need to know is available either within these pages or a few clicks or a phone call away. Dictionaries, rules, word lists, computer programs to help you practice and learn. Information too about equipment and clocks is readily and easily available.


There are 5 or 6 major scrabble tournaments held each year in Ireland. Typically these events are held over two days where each player will get to play 15 games, each lasting for at most about 1 hour.

There are regular one-day events too, some of which are rated, including Castlebridge, Co. Wexford and Churchtown, Co. Dublin, so watch out for these. Exciting and fun, and your opponents won't get all the blanks and esses!


Currently events are organised in one of two formats:

In Grouped events, players are placed in groups with players of similar ability.

This is determined in advance by ratings, if available, or other evidence of playing ability such as having played in other jurisdictions. There would ernationals to to the new competitor. These provide the opportunity to pit your wits and words against the very best !


The people who play competitive Scrabble in Ireland come from all over the country (and beyond) and from all walks of life. There are World Championship campaigners, top world ranked players, All Ireland Champions and fellow Scrabble players from the UK, Europe and beyond!

We are a welcoming and friendly group, although naturally everyone wants to win!


Events are officially rated, and the rankings and ratings list is published soon afterwards on the website. To get a rating and be included on this list, all you need to do is enter a tournament and PLAY!


So you know the rules, you can find the words and the clubs - now just go ahead and do it for real!